Friday, June 17, 2011

Careful what you wish for

OK, so that moment you've all been waiting for is finally here!!

What moment? you all say.  Well the moment when I inundate you with all the pics that we've been saving up over the last few weeks.

A lot has happened, we've moved in and are getting settled, the driveway and paths have been cut out and poured, it has rained on and off for the duration and now things are starting to get back to some kind of normalcy.  So without anymore pointless babble, I will just let the photos do the talking.

We chose 600 x 600 polished porcelain floor tiles for downstairs and were lucky enough to have our cousins from Brisbane offer to come down and lay the tiles for us.  It was a big job and I'm sure a lot of work for the boys, but I know our company for a couple of weeks made it all worth it ;-)

We had a little drama with the glass tiles behind the range hood as some appliance installers said it wasn't possible to hang without a support board behind it, some installers said you can't drill into glass tiles but persistence prevailed and we found a great range hood specialist who had no troubles hanging it on the glass tiles within about 20 minutes.

Don't listen to the naysayers!  Anything is possible if you ask the right people

Progress being made here on the installation of our carbonised strand woven bamboo flooring upstairs, we are delighted with the finished product, and cannot recommend our carpenter any more, he did a fabulous job.  If you need a chippy in the Central Coast or Sydney areas I can't say enough how great a job he did and a nice guy as well!!  (which is sometimes hard to find these days)

Area cut out for outdoor entertaining area and driveway (below).  Concrete has since been laid since these pics, but have yet to get any photos.  We have a few weeks wait now until they come back to finish the stencil off.

 The Media Room
 The downstairs living room
 Formal Lounge
 Formal Lounge / Dining
 The Entrance Foyer
 Upstairs Living Room
 Main Bathroom
The Infamous Maple Stairs


  1. Hi MnM,

    Did Allworth raised the skirting for you?
    Your cousins did a great job with the tiling.

  2. Hi Langeo,
    Yes, our cousins were able to let us know what height they needed the skirting to be at for the tiles, so Allworth installed them at that height (15mm high from memory) We had the upstairs skirting tacked on though because we hadn't decided on the flooring at that stage, but our carpenter just removed them and refitted them once he was finished.

  3. Thanks MnM, I think it too late for us now to raise and even tag the skirting as Allworth is very strict when request to do any variation after contract. We are at electrical stage at the moment.

  4. Can't hurt to ask. We didn't make our request until after the contract was completed. Will probably depend on your site supervisor. Worst they can say is no.

  5. We at South Devon Builders were very impressed with the quality of the fitted kitchen and the plumbing work