Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anyone still awake?

OK, so once you actually get into the  house, updating the blog becomes a lower priority, and actually getting stuff done seems to take over all of your time.

So for anyone still paying any attention, here are some of the more recent photos.

I think since last update we have had the driveway and concrete/spray crete finished, and have put a little work into the turf and landscaping.

The Pergola for the back patio area is the last thing we have left to do, and with Christmas quickly approaching that likely won't be until the new year




  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to comment and say congratulations on your new home - it looks amazing! I stumbled by your blog because we're also building the torquay with allworth, and it's great to see your finished home!

    Just wanted to confirm.. is this the vue elevation? as that's what we've gone for.. and also what bricks have you chosen? we were thinking of pgh cement or austral latte but are still undecided..

    thanks in advance!

  2. Brilliant pics of a really professional building job. Well done!

  3. Lovely home! :) I'm into home building & reno because I work for a social media that's all about houses/homes in AU In fact we are about to release an online renovation tool. Have you tried something like this? Cheers!

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  5. Hi M n M,
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