Monday, May 23, 2011

Keys are OURS!!!

Thats right, the keys were handed over on the 17th as planned, we did our final inspection and took ownership.

Was a great feeling, weird, but still great to be walking through the house now and knowing that it is ours, and that we didn't have to scarper out the same time as the site supervisor was leaving.  Also it was amazing how much bigger the front yard feels now that all the security fencing has come down.

So now we move on to the finishing touches that we need to do before we can move in, starting with the flooring.

The tilers (fantastic relatives from QLD) came down and started work on the 18th, so far they are doing a fantastic job and they are expecting to be finished by tomorrow evening (24th) if everything goes to plan.

The bamboo flooring for upstairs started today and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week as well.

And the driveway/concreting is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.  Although I think rain has been forecast, so that might get delayed, let's hope not!!

Unfortunately for all those following the blog, we have made a decision not to post any more photos until everything is complete, this way our friends will still get a decent surprise when they come to visit.  I know you're all on the edge of your seat with suspense (yeah right), but you'll just have to wait.

So we are firing on all cylinders now, hopefully won't be too long before me start to move in, and I'll share all the juicy photographs then.


  1. Congrats mate. Can't to see the finished pic's! Not quite edge of seat, but thats mainly cos it's uncomfy ;) There's a reason I've clicked the Follow button though!

  2. Hi MnM,

    Did Allworth supplied you the Interim Occupation Certiticate before handover?