Friday, May 6, 2011

Slowly inching closer

Ok, So the ETA of May 13th has been pushed back to the 17th.  Only a couple of days so no major drama.  Just means a few quick phone calls to flooring tradesmen to move them back a few days and hopefully things will still roll along smoothly.

Will have some new pictures soon, however, there are not a great deal of visible changes.  The last of the scaffolding has finally been removed and the balcony railing on the portico has been installed, so at least from the exterior it looks as though we have a finished product.

Things are so close now that everything has slowed down and weeks feel like months, and changes are so small that it almost feels like no progress is being made, but no doubt, in a week or so, things will all be finished and the wait will be worth it!!!

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