Saturday, April 23, 2011

First look inside

Ok, so it's been a month since my last post and there has been a fair bit of water under the bridge....

Since my last entry we have had another issue with the staircase, but to save a long and drawn out story, the long of the short of it is that we have agreed to a compromise with the builder that will see some of the stair built of solid maple and some of it from MDF with a maple veneer. The builder has agreed to provide the same warranty on the staircase as they would if it was full solid wood maple, and aslo provide us a refund for the difference given that the entire stair will no longer be solid wood.  My wife and I are just happy to be moving forward on the matter and are glad to be able to put the entire staircase chapter behind us.

So, that all cleared up........

Since my last post, the tiling has been completed, the painting has been completed and the electric finishings have been finished.  The bathrooms are all but complete, they now have everything except the shower screens, and from what I can tell the plumbing is complete with the exception of the hot water tank.

Easter is now upon us which measn we'll likley see not much happening over the break, but afterwards we understand they'll be sanding the floors, and then installing the last of the fittings, and a big cleanup etc so we've been advised a tentative handover date of May 13th.

Here's the first pics we've got of the interiror which we grabbed when we poped out one day and the tradies were nice enough to let us have stickey beak inside.  These were taken just before the toilets were installed and whilst the painting was underway (if my memory serves me correctly)

Downstairs/Guest Bathroom

Ensutie vanity and bath

Ensuite shower with waterfall shower head

upstairs leisure room and stair void

Main Bathroom vanity and bath

Main Bathroom shower


  1. The tiles look great. Are they maple or MDF?

  2. Very Funny - Solid Wood Maple Tiles ;-)