Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It cant always be roses.....

So we're within sight of the finish line, but we've unfortunately had our first stumble.

We've had a slight difference of opinion with regards to the stair issue mentioned in the blog entry below.  We have however stood our ground requesting the product that we paid for and was detailed in the contract, and after some less than comfortable discussion the builder has begrudgingly agreed to remove the incorrect staircase and install the maple one. But not before making us feel as though the issue was our fault and that our desire to have what we paid for was unreasonable.

The whole incident has left us feeling a little deflated and now the excitement of it all seems a little tainted.  So now we're just hoping that both parties can put the matter behind us and forge onwards for the last few weeks until practical completion.

So, this weeks update is that the tiling is being done, we met the tiler onsite yesterday and he advised that the job will take approx 2 weeks.

A couple of recent pics of the exterior

The front elevation with front door hung and garage door installed  
The Completed Rain Water Tank

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