Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time for a quick update....

Ok, so now that the external parts of the building are pretty much complete, the pictures are not going to be really changing all that much.

That said.  Last week the scaffolding was removed and the bricks cleaned top and bottom.

This week we are expecting the insulation and the gyprock to go in, we're hoping for the stairs to be complete next week as well as the waterproofing and with a little bit of luck by the end of next week we are hoping to be at lockup.

We had a couple of little setbacks, nothing major.  A glass panel from the front door frame somehow got cracked, but a repair there has been promised.  And one of the exterior light points at the front was installed a couple of brick course lower than on the opposite side, which would look pretty bad to have front house lights that were not level.  Good thing is that the Project Manager noticed this before we did and he has had it fixed already. So we were pretty happy about that.

So here's the latest pics.... enjoy!

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