Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And we're back in 3......2.......1.......

Ok, so the builders are definitely living up to our expectations at the moment.  They had initially said it could be up to 5 weeks off for the Christmas period, however then said it likely would be less because a lot of the contractors want to start working as soon as they can.  So we were told they would begin again on Jan 10th.  As it turns out, construction resumed after the Christmas break on Jan 7th, which means they only stopped work for approx 2.5 weeks instead of the initially quoted 5 weeks.

We headed out to site on Monday 10th just to have a look and see if the builders were on site, we thought they may have left because there was a fair bit of rain about.  As it turns out, they were sitting in the garage waiting for the rain to stop, and also waiting on delivery of the frames for the second level.  So we got the chance to meet the site supervisor, and some of the carpenters.

It is great to know that they don't walk off at the first sign of drizzle, and excellent to meet them all in person and have a chat about the house and what is to happen next.

As of Wednesday 11th afternoon, the second floor frames have been erected and the roof trusses have been delivered.  We are hoping for some decent weather today, and fingers crossed that they will get the roof trusses erected some time today.  Once that is completed it will be over to the brickies or the roof tilers.  Site Supervisor says once the trusses are up, he will make the call as to whether the roof tiles will go on immediately or not.  We are hoping the tiles get done asap because then it should reduce potential delays that may be caused by future rain.

as always, latest pics below


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