Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Roof is on Fire!!

Thursday 12th Feb and as expected the roof trusses were installed.

Next steps from here will be a site cleanup on Saturday, followed by delivery and installation of facia's and guttering, then on Wednesday 19th we're hoping to see the roof tiles start to get laid.

So, we have a full shell of the house now, and can really see what it is going to look like on the block.  Standing alongside it makes it feel really big, I suppose being able to see up through the second floor and the roof, out to the open sky, has that effect though.  Still, with my fear of heights I can't see me getting up to clean the gutters too often.

Took these photos late in the evening, so we were running out of light.  Will take some clearer daytime pictures next time we're out there.

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