Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silly Season Bulk Update

Well, I'll admit that with silly season in full swing, I have been a little tardy in making updates to the blog, so I'll cover off the last couple weeks in this entry.

In the last post, we had just started to see the laying of the bricks for the first floor.  Essentially, the only change since then is that they have all but completed the brickwork for the ground floor, including the pillars for the portico.

The last thing that happened before the xmas break was the scaffolding had been erected in preparation for the work to begin on the second floor in the new year.

So in a nutshell, the builders reached the target they had set before the Christmas break (with the exception of a few courses of bricks, which I think is due to a bad thunderstorm day we had)

latest Pictures below (from newest to oldest)

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  1. "When one puts up a building one makes an elaborate scaffold to get everything into its proper place. But when one takes the scaffold down, the building must stand by itself with no trace of the means by which it was erected. That is how a musician should work." - Andres Segovia