Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17th, 2010 - The Ball is Rolling!!

So, after many alterations, developer approvals, council approvals, financial approvals and more approvals than I generally approve of, we have commenced construction!!

We are underway with the building of our new Allworth Torquay 43.

Contruction commenced on Friday 12th November with the arrival of the Porta-Loo and the excavators not far behind.

Today (Wed 17th) saw the pouring of the concrete for the piering and the first bump in the road (albeit a minor one) turns out the soil in our block is very sandy and as a result when the peers were drilled, the sand at the bottom was collapsing in very quickly, so rather than drill all the holes, then get the concrete poured they had to drill each hole, then immediately pour the concrete before the soil collapsed and then move on to the next hole. Given the circumstances, and the change of plans on the fly, I think the men there did a great job and still managed to get all their work done within the planned timeframe (or so I assume)

We've been told plumbing works will begin tomorrow.  Council apparently require additional metal to be laid underneath all plumbing, so we're already up for an additional cost for that (Not sure exactly how much yet, have been quoted approx $120 + Labour + 20%)

Some pics of the journey so far.......

We found the perfect place

We put the fence up a couple of weeks ago because some of the neighbours had started work on their fences, and we decided best to get the whole fence up in the same style, so as to avoid mismatching fences......

 And here's the pics from today with the gents hard at work digging the piers

With any luck we should have a slab down sometime next week, here's hoping the rain holds off.....

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